Quiz Week for a free daily quiz

About Quiz Week

Quiz Week is a quick, free trivia quiz which provides players with six quiz questions a day for a daily minute of fun with your chums. If you create your own quiz league you can watch your score increase through the week. You can invite other players to play in your league for some friendly competition. You can have as many free quiz leagues as you like so you may, for example, want to create a league for your office, a league for your family and one for your chums.

There is no time limit when answering the questions since a ticking clock would change the nature of the game, forcing you to make snap decisions and turning the quiz into a race. Quiz Week's questions are to be considered rather than rushed making it more enjoyable. Not being timed does make cheating possible but what's the point of cheating on your chums?

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

Thanks, and happy quizzing.

Quiz Master

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